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wedding planner concept illustration Wedding planners are professionals who handle the planning and details of a wedding.  The size of the wedding usually dictates how much planning needs to be done and what kind of experience the planner needs to have.  For any wedding, enough time should be allowed before the wedding to schedule and finalize all plans.

Planners can orchestrate every detail, from invitations to cleanup, or they can simply organize and carry out one part of the arrangements on the day of the wedding.  Some planners charge a flat fee; others charge an hourly fee or a percentage of the fees charged by caterers, florists, bands, and other service providers.  It is important to interview several wedding planners and hire one who has a rapport with the prospective bride and groom.  A good wedding planner will listen carefully to the wedding couple's ideas, understand their desired style, and accomplish the planning within a specified budget.

Wedding planners usually have connections with other wedding specialists such as bridal shops, tuxedo rental shops, florists, caterers, and musicians as well as event equipment rental companies and venues.  They can plan weddings at churches, public spaces, or even at home.  They usually have enough experience to know whether a site will work or not and what permits may be necessary; and they can make arrangements for tents, chairs, tables, and flowers, etc.  They will schedule the wedding party's timely arrival via their selected mode of transportation.  They will ensure that food is arranged and served accurately and attractively and that the wedding cake arrives in one piece!

After the wedding and reception are over, a wedding planner can ensure that all areas are cleaned up and returned to their original condition.  A good wedding planner lets the bride and groom simply enjoy their day and know that all parts of the event will run smoothly behind the scenes.

For more information about wedding planners and wedding planning careers, visit these wedding planner organization websites:

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